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Interesting, entertaining and arousing…


Experience a distinctly satisfying literary adventure through M MISSY’s books!


Delve into more than 20 books from four amazing collections and have fun exploring and learning new things!







The Untold Story, The First Sissy Maid


A Western like you have never read before, where the Characters are everyday people with everyday problems and handle them in real ways that Hollywood has yet to explore.  The book is based on real history with real famous people, like Wyatt Earp and his family, Geronimo and his family, Doc Holladay and Bat Masterson, etc.  The story is detailed, unique, innocent, exciting, sad, and loving, all human.

The main Character is Mitchell, who is later known as missy. Mitchell is the unlikely gunslinger and sharpshooter who saves the lives of many and becomes the unlikely hero. While at the same time does not know how to behave and keeps getting into trouble. A Governess, Miss Stern, was hired to teach Mitchell how to behave and did so thru the practice of Petticoat Punishment, the cane, and changing Mitchell into missy, the first sissy maid.






TOMBSTONE: THE UNTOLD STORY, THE FIRST SISSY MAID includes a Western 1879 time frame with Female domination, male submission, spankings, parental discipline, canings, strappings, whippings, bondage, corner time, cross dressing, and humiliation of the sissy maid.





















The Untold Story; The First Sissy Maid A Western like no other The unlikely gunslinger; The Governess The virgin sissy maid Like nothing you have ever read before.

















The untold story, The first sissy maid A western like no other Thirty days of death I saved Wyatt Earp’s life Bad men need killing A sissy maid missy Tombstone series, part three I guess over the last six months I have learned that I really do enjoy killing bad men. I think someone has to and since I seem pretty good at it there is no reason I should stop. I saved Wyatt Earp’s life! I sure will not go down in history for that god deed as no one other than Wyatt knew it was me. But, having Wyatt know made me feel real good. I killed three men saving Wyatt’s life and overall I have killed 9 more bad men over the past six months; bringing my total to 24 dead bad men over the past nine months. However, so far I have only killed the bad men that had bad intentions towards my family or friends; I could not imagine how many other bad men were out there who needed killing. I have also learned that I actually like my position in being the sissy maid for Miss Stern, Christy, and Sofia. I have come to like making them happy and I have come to enjoy wearing those nice soft silk panties and my short sexy dresses and even my five inch high heels. I enjoy acting like and looking like and pretending that I am a girl. In addition to our ranch the 4L and the old Getty ranch, now the 4L-2; we also manage two more ranches as one husband was killed by me and another husband died from small pox. We also bought as fifth ranch from the widow of another man who died from small pox. So, in total we now own three ranches and manage two others. The bottom line is that we make a lot of money. In addition to the ranch income; Miss Stern get a salary from teaching school and Sofia make money with her baking and I make more than both of them by selling the horses, saddles, and guns I take from the dead men I kill. We never even need to touch the money that my father left us, so that money collect interest in the federal bank in Denver and the amount just keeps growing. We even send that bank more money each month or so as we always have more than we need. Well; I guess those are the highlights from my last six months here in Tombstone, Arizona. I will let you know how the future turns out as my unexpected life unfolds.



TOMBSTONE, TWO, THE UNTOLD STORY picks up as the family finally settles in their new home in Tombstone, Arizona. However, life did not turn out for Mitchell, now known as missy, as he expected to return to his normal life of being a young man.


However, death comes a calling for the second time in Mitchell’s life which changes his life forever. Miss Stern, missy’s Governess had other ideas about missy’s future and continued to teach missy how to be THE FIRST SISSY MAID for the family home.

However, with revenge on sissy maid missy’s mind, missy would once again meet up with Wyatt Earp, Doc Holladay, and Bat Masterson to complete one of the most historic events in Old West History.










A sissy maid missy series, part one


From childhood to dating years…

In this series, I am the narrator. I am a normal American male, with wife and two children, and made a lot of money in business and now live off my portfolio of stocks and bonds. Missy is my alter ego and the focus of the story. This book picks up where missy has been corresponding with a lady, Mistress A, that wanted a sissy maid for service in her home. So, the adventures begin…


This first volume details the chapter of my childhood life that deals with my experiences with corporal punishments in the ‘50s and ‘60s. The events described herein are all based on real facts including the thoughts about the events. It includes, spanking, hairbrush spankings, caning, birching, strapping, embarrassment, humiliation, witnesses, and a naughty boy. What sets my stories apart from many other boyhood experiences was the different women who punished me and the humiliation of witnesses.


In the end we discuss the pros and cons of corporal punishment from and experienced point of view as opposed to one taught in some schools by those who think they knew something.







A sissy maid missy series, part two



From married years to troubled years…


Equally interesting and engrossing as the first volume, this is the second chapter of my life which details over 30 years of married life filled with adventures.


This book is about my life, corporal punishment, domination and submission, and eventually a sissy maid fantasy and the emotional and practical problems associated with those issues.


SPANKINGS, AND SUBMISSION TO MY WIFE covers about 30 years of my life as a submissive male who wishes his wife to enjoy being a dominant partner together with some of our times together while raising two children and beginning and operating a very successful business together.









A sissy maid missy series, part three


From the training pace to sissy maid…


This third book is all about missy’s life as she seeks out her own interest in being a sissy maid, so if you like books about sissy maids, this one you should enjoy.


A SISSY MAIDS LIFE picks up where missy has been corresponding with a lady, Mistress A, that wanted a sissy maid for service in her home. Missy has been corresponding with her by e-mail in an effort to see if Mistress and missy would be a good match.


In other words, do they both have the same idea as to what a sissy maid will do and how one is expected to behave and to see if missy agreed she could meet those standards.











A sissy maid missy series, part four


From Sissy maid to what end?????


This book is about the new life of a sissy maid which picks up where part three left off. It covers the beginning of month four.


In this fourth volume, you will still follow Mistress and Missy, and Ramon, the other two guys that did not seem to have any names, so Ramon just referred them as “B” and “C”. Ramon is Mistress’ right hand man and does not have an outside job.


Witness the flow of exciting events within the pages of this hot and scorching volume!












A sissy maid missy series, part five


This story picks up where after missy spent her 6 months living with Mistress and being Mistress’ full-time live-in sissy maid. Missy was going home to see if missy and me could make a life with my wife Anne, and missy’s, Miss Anne.


The big question was, “Could my wife Anne live with being my wife to me and Miss Anne to the sissy main within me? Could we all be happy?

This concluding volume wraps up what every reader tries to find out in this amazing book series!

















A Sissy Maid Missy Bad Boy Series, Part One


This third book series covers over five years of my life as a young rich boy. My parents died and left me and his sister a two million dollar house and 10 million dollars. I then turned two young girls into French maid whores, for financial reasons and for immigration reasons they allowed this to happen.


By the way, my name of Morton and this is my story. Follow me through all my adventures that begin in this first volume.















A Sissy Maid Missy Bad Boy Series, Part Two


So, you have learned some about my adventures in the first book. But, don’t worry it doesn’t end there for you will witness more of it from here and in the following volumes.


This story starts when my twin sister Mindy and I were 18 years old and our parents were killed when their own private plane crashed in Alaska when they were on vacation and got stuck in a sudden snow storm.


As I told you before, my parents left all of their assets to us in a trust fund which amounted to over 10 million dollars. When we reach the age of 25 years old, we would get equal shares of the income.


In this volume, you will learn about our lives and be introduced to new characters like Molly and her twins, Ally and Cally. More adventures await you within the pages of this volume, so enjoy and have fun!









A Sissy Maid Missy Bad Boy Series, Part Three


In the first two volumes, I have shared to you about my family and the riches we inherit from our parents as well as some of the interesting and exciting adventures I had.


This book is the part three of my intriguingly arousing exploits. Now, considering we lived in a fully paid 2 million dollar house, we certainly did not need all that money to pay the household bills, so the trustee paid all our bills, gave us each an allowance, and allowed the trust amount to keep on growing. Here, you will meet Sabrina and the scorching exploits I had.


You will notice the development of the characters’ lives which will surely entertain you as you come to know them and join in their escapades and fun.!










A Sissy Maid Missy Bad Boy Series, Part Four


As my life develops in this book, part four, we begin with that surprise cruse that Cally bought for us…


In this fourth volume, you will learn of the high price I paid for abusing two of my three French maids as I myself was punished and abused and then turned into a sissy maid to serve for those that I abused. The best and worst weekend of my life, My life falls apart as I get arrested. Then there were the plea bargain, my sentencing hearing, and my new life in the place when I am sent to be punished, the Reform Farm.


My continuing relationship with Cally, much to my surprise, but the Cally is always surprising me and those around us. This volume is about some unusual punishments in an unusual place—the transformation of me, a young rich BOSS OF THE HOUSE, to a small submissive boy to others.










A Sissy Maid Missy Bad Boy Series, Part Five


Here, you will continue to learn how I paid for my wrongdoings. This volume will not only entertain you, but it will teach you valuable lessons you can apply to your own life and to others.


Cally and I helped an innocent boy go free. Cally becomes a financial genius. I tell her of my severe beating from the Boss that left big thick welts from the Boss’ strap from my neck to my knees from a strapping that lasted 30 minutes. The punishment was so severe, it took three weeks for the welts and bruises to go away. I was also whipped for my three month anniversary at the Reform Farm in front of the girls and movie cameras. The Boss questioned my good deed for LeMond, the two white guys, Rick’s revenge, and my new clothes.


Cally continues to take over my life and now my punishments, humiliating spanking in the barn in front of all the guys. Cally spanks Ally for the first time, Cally’s thanksgiving surprise, the best and worst day of my life.









A Sissy Maid Missy Bad Boy Series, Part Six


I received my 9-month anniversary punishment. It’s not Cally who designed punishment this time, not pleasant at all. It’s very painful and extremely humiliating.


The Boss has great news and then has secrets with Cally. Sissy maid missy’s training begins. Sissy maid missy’s service begins. Maid missy and the front door. Maid missy and the laundry. Cally meets sissy missy for the first time. Maid missy struggles with her sex lessons and gets punished, and a lot more scene you should not miss.


More entertainment and thrills await you in the next volume!












A Sissy Maid Missy Bad Boy Series, Part Seven


You surely could not forget the excitement of THE BAD BOY, THE SISSY MAID that left you longing for more…


Now, you should brace yourself for another set of exciting escapades in THE BAD BOY, THE SISSY MAID, two: A SISSY MAID MISSY SERIES, PART SEVEN. From the nine-month anniversary punishment, very painful and extremely humiliating, in the sixth part, Morton will continue to share the stories of French maids, anal sex, oral sex, spankings, canings, whippings, strappings, domination and submission, corner time, and a great amount of humiliation, and many others.


The happenings in this installment are more electrifying and naughty as the rich teenager delights in training and punishing the three young women into submission that eventually leads down a path that he wished that he never traveled—it was time for him to be punished for all his Bad Boy behavior. Now, he’s turned into the French maid, the sissy maid.


Experience more fun and excitement within the pages of this interesting book!








A Sissy Maid Missy Bad Boy Series, Part Eight


Another set of exhilarating exploits will surely keep you absorbed in this new volume, the part eight of the series!


In between the covers of this book you will still follow my personal blistering odyssey like going home on the bus, the whip, my new sissy maid life begins, the gas station, the dry cleaners, Ally uses Missy, the new house, Cally’s place, maids at work, Cally comes home, Ally enjoys my humiliation, and a lot more.


You will enjoy and learn something from these occurrences, so just flip the pages and be engrossed until its end!













A Sissy Maid Missy Bad Boy Series, Part Nine


We are already in part nine of my story. Here, you will learn about how Sabrina found out a real quick revenge and how it affected me for ten days. But, in spite of that severe punishment Sabrina gave me, I turned around and saved her life and my reward had to do the job of two maids for over two weeks.


However, Ally continued to find embarrassing and humiliating adventures for her. I did earn myself a good hard strapping from Cally, as well as plenty of corner time, and prison bedroom time, as I thought I was outsmarting Cally. But, Cally outsmarted me and taught me a real lesson in obedience. I thought in the future I should error on the side of obeying Cally.


Ally had her first opportunity to punish me and as Ally loves to pile on the humiliation, she really exceeded herself that time.











A Sissy Maid Missy Bad Boy Series, Part Ten


In this volume, I will tell you about a lot of things. Well, you should know that I do spend most of time taking classes on the internet and being maid to Cally and Ally and Toni.


Adventures are always part of my journey. I think the last two months started with the lowlight of the two months for me as I got that terrible beating and raping at the hands of the three blackies. It actually took more than a month to pass before all my broken parts and welts were a thing of the past.


Nevertheless, knowing what I know now, I would do it again for Cally, she is that SPECIAL to me. Then there’s Steve and Mon and Cally punishing her Dad, and so many more!


Delve into the pages and have fun!









A Sissy Maid Missy Bad Boy Series, Part Eleven


This chapter of my life, part eleven, began last Christmas when I made arrangements to get Sabrina’s family to be able to come and live in the United States with Sabrina and they were all legal.


Mindy, explained how I used the new investment act to accomplish that miracle for Sabrina and her family. As a result, Sabrina finally forgave me my crimes against her. It turned out to be a great Christmas for the entire family, especially Sabrina.


I was severely punished and humiliated twice by Ally for her pleasure only. However, Ally only had three times that she was allowed to punish me for my past crimes against her and she used number three up in April.


Sabrina used her three times last year, so I was then clear of all punishments relating to my past and could only be punished if I disobeyed in real time.

Then, a more things, adventures and fun happen…








Kidnapped and Sold as a Sex Slave Descriptive, Horrifying, Intense, Disturbing, Very Sad, and Surprising. Not for the Weak of Heart!
A Sissy Maid Missy Bad Boy Series, Part Twelve


Excerpt from Ally’s Gone:
“Cally and I had a nice breakfast alone on the patio. However, after breakfast, Cally mentioned to me that she had not heard from Ally. Really, Cally? Let’s see, I dropped them off at the airport at 1 pm for a 2 pm flight to Newark. That was a 4 hour flight so they should have been in Newark by 6 pm. Missy, they were, Ally texted me just before 7 pm telling me that were having a snack before boarding the flight to London
which was suppose to leave at 7 pm...”


“…WHAT? Sabrina, we know Ally’s gone she left yesterday to go to Venice for ten days and you know that. No, No, Ally’s gone, I just got the call…”


Where is Ally and what happen to her? In this volume, more intriguing, exciting and captivating occurrences will surely engross you!








A sissy maid A Lesbian A murder mystery A love story
Like Nothing You Have Ever Read Before!
A Sissy Maid Missy Bad Boy Series, Part Thirteen


Wow! We have been through a long journey already. This is part thirteen of my story and here, you will find out how Cally walked up to me and looked me in the eyes after the District Attorney dismissed the charges against Rick.




That was the second most proud day of my life. The most proud day of my life was in early January, the day I brought Ally home safely and received that call from the police chief in Venice, Italy telling us that Suzy was safe and knowing that I saved the lives of 36 other girls as well. That day in that courtroom when the DA dismissed the charges against Rick was the third happiest day of my life. The second most happy day was that same day in early January when I saved the lives of Ally, Suzy, and those 36 other girls. The happiest day of my life was the day my wife, CALLY, said; I DO!







The sissy maid genus, The sexy blond financial wizard, A love story, A murder mystery.
A Sissy Maid Missy Bad Boy Series, Part Fourteen


The last three months sure did not turn out the way I expected. Life does not seem to turn out the way I expected it to anymore, at least this year.


For how long have we been journeying together in this series, there were so many things that happened—. Some of them may have made you laugh, or moved, some excited you, some may have frustrated you. But overall, those events are part of life.


As far as me continuing to live my life like a girl, I have lived most of my life as a boy, in fact almost 19 years. I have lived as Cally’s girlfriend for two years at this time. Overall, I see no benefit to me going back to being a male.All I did was hurt others and get myself into trouble when I was a boy and or young man.


So, especially considering Cally loves me the way I am, I have no reason not to continue as a girl. In some ways I find it much more exciting anyway. So, going forward I guess we will see if my life calms down and I can just enjoy being Cally’s sissy maid and husband which are the two things that bring me the most joy in life.






The Fairy Tale Continues.
The World of Female Domination The Kidnapping The office Spanking Lives Saved Like Nothing you have ever read before.


Compelling and highly intoxicating, CALLY AND MISSY: The Fairy Tale Continues reveals a fascinating and unusual tale about a couple that leads very bizarre lifestyles. Created by author M Missy, this literary masterpiece breaks through the common norms of society by bravely presenting taboo subjects with creativity and imagination.


BDSM, also known as Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism, is a preference, sometimes form of personal relationship that involves the consensual use of restraint, intense sensory stimulation, and fantasy power role play. It is practiced by some groups of people not only for personal interests but also for socialization purposes. In Missy’s book, BDSM is portrayed through the lives of its two main characters, Cally and Missy, who live full time in the world of female domination and male submission. But that’s not all, the duo also find itself on a riveting adventure, in which they help the FBI solve a kidnapping, save some lives and monitored a sissy maid’s training.

Whimsical and delightful, this tale is embellished with humor and twisted episodes which may cause various reactions from readers. Laughter, shocks, surprises and smiles are the guaranteed effects after reading this book. But ultimately, this page-turner not only entertains but it also educates the public about freedom of choice and preferences, avenues wherein individuals can fully express themselves no matter how strange and socially unaccepted they may be.













As Jill and I were ready to go to college and start a new chapter in our lives, I can tell you this about how Jill and I were raised by our parents. Understanding that the first job of a parent is to protect their children and teach their children to be responsible adults, what could I say?


Our parents did the best job that a parent could do. Both Jill and I are the most loving and obedient and smart and responsible kids anyone could ever want. We did not drink, gamble, sniff glue, smoke, take dope, or get pregnant. We both got great marks in school.


Over the past five years, of the hairbrush era, Jill was spanked only 6 times. That was not a lot over 5 years. Jill turned out to be such a confident and responsible young lady.


I was even impressed with her. Mom taught her well and Jill learned well. Over that same five years, I was spanked 13 times and I was caned that last time to total 14 times I was punished. However, that was only three times per year. I never was punished when I did not deserve to be punished, so I earned every one of those Spankings.


However, I turned out to be the most respectful and loving and nice son anyone could ask for. Yes, and obedient too. But, never once did I ever think that my Mon was mean to me or too hard on me. My Mom did what she had to do to get me though those growing years that were so much trouble for many of my friends.


Looking back on all the pain and embarrassment and humiliation, I appreciated my Mom for caring enough to be my Mom and not my friend when I needed a Mom. Mom was my friend the rest of the time. Jill and I get along better than any other siblings we know. Jill and I truly care about one another and understand our perspective roles in our growing up process together.


As a result, Jill got me a room in the same house she and a few friend rented as their
own personal college dorm. How great is that going to be, me and five girls in the same house, I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!







Well, I have given you the highlights of my first two months of collage as well as my
first two months as a sissy maid to seven college girls.


I have discovered so far that missy not only does not mind doing most of the housework, rather missy actually enjoys serving the seven ladies, or B.I.T.C.H.S.


However, they were not really bitches at all. Miss T had been great teaching missy what to do, teaching missy how to look and act like a lady and punishing missy fairly when she was disobedient. Missy really liked and respected Miss T.


By the way, there were many things going on and I want you to discover them yourselves in this volume.


So, how am I doing? I am doing very well in college and am getting good test marks
and have not found it to be very difficult at all. I have not had that much time to play baseball or tennis as missy was so busy with her cleaning and other tasks. I have not had any time to date for the same reasons, not a lot of free time.  However, missy has made up for some of it with her growing relationship with Miss T and Miss Beth and their respective asses and pussy’s.


Overall, what does missy and I feel about being the sissy maid to the house for seven girls? So far, both missy and I are very happy with the deal.








The story of 7 college girls And one sissy maid


As I noted at the end of the second book about my life (SISSY MAID IN THE MIRROR) as a sissy maid to the six B.I.T.C.H.S; they did not turn out to be bitches at all and in fact were every nice to missy.


My training as their sissy maid continued thru Miss T. Missy has come too really like and respect Miss T. Missy had no romantic feeling towards Miss T; however, missy was more than happy to orally please Miss T upon command.


Missy had become extremely submissive to Miss T and actually enjoyed that feeling more and more at time moved along in spite of some of the severe punishments that she received.


Missy has struggled with her required chastity as missy is horny all the time. However that horniness seemed to be channeled into enthusiastic service both in the form of housework and oral sexual services to Miss T and Miss Beth, so it seemed that the chastity had a good purpose over all. Well, at least for missy’s two Mistress’s.


Miss Beth got her first ever spanking and missy found that to be a real big thrill as usually missy is the only one getting any spankings for everyone else to see.


Missy learned that she did not like to be whipped, not even a little bit. However, missy’s whipping did open her to a new experience, blow jobs. Missy found out that part of her sissy maid duties was to give a blow jobs to anyone Miss T decided she should blow.


At first missy really became repulsed by the idea, but after Miss T had her whipped, all of a sudden having a cock in her mouth did not seem like such a bad idea.


I got the shock of my life when just before Christmas, when Jill and I got home we found that our Mom had changed our Dad into a sissy maid also.


Missy found it surprising and somewhat uncomfortable working side by side with her sissy maid, Dad. But, missy quickly got use to it and enjoyed the company.


However, Missy’s biggest thrill to date was her growing relationship with Miss Beth. Missy has learned over the past four months or so that Miss Beth was a lot like Miss T; as Miss Beth gets real excited having a submissive and obedient sissy maid cater to her desires.


For missy, though, missy really liked Miss Beth and thought that the relationship between them could grow into something very nice and very special. While, with Miss T, the relationship was all about missy’s service to Miss T and the pleasure that both Miss T and missy got from the dominate/submissive relationship.


Overall, my thoughts in the beginning have held true. Being the sissy maid for the 7 girls was better for missy three ways: first, it was much better living in that nice private house then in a busy dorm; second, it satisfied missy’s great desire to cross dress, even if it was as a French maid; and third, it was much better than having to get an outside job to help pay for my collage expenses.


The only downside for missy was being punished. So, missy just needed to learn to be more obedient so she is not punished so often and then things would be even better for missy.